– The Wedding Of Scott & Jordan

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Scott and Jordan, a delightful couple from Melbourne, decided to have a beach wedding at the beautiful West Beach Bathers Pavilion in St Kilda.

After months of preparations, the long anticipated day of the wedding had finally arrived. The guests started arriving around 4:30pm and not long after Scott arrived with his groomsmen at the venue and made his way down to meet some of his family and friends.

At 5pm all the guests had arrived. Some took their seats, while others decided to stand, waiting for Jordan’s entrance. It was a beautiful day perfect for a beach wedding.

Jordan arrived just after 5pm in a Blue VW Kombi van together with her family and her bridesmaids, and made her way to the waiting room. The celebrant, a close friend of the couple who traveled from interstate, began the proceedings, by inviting all the guests to take up any vacant seats.

The excitement started to build when the music began to play, the guests attention was now locked to the bridesmaids walking down the aisle, and Scott didn’t seem nervous in the slightest. He seemed quite comfortable being there joking with his groomsmen while the bridesmaids were walking down the aisle.

Now Jordan was making her way down the aisle with her father by her side. Jordan’s father Michael seemed to be filled with pride and joy for his little girl, now all grown up and looking so beautiful in her wedding dress, walking down the aisle. He handed her over to Scott with an approval handshake and some pleasantries.

Jordan stood by Scott’s side proud and occasionally joking and laughing. But got a little emotional for what her brother had to say for the reading. Scott’s sister also had some lovely things to say in her reading, and both the couple appreciated those lovely words.

They  committed their vows to each other, and when Jordan said in her vowels that Scott is perfect even on the rare occasion he would make a mistake, everyone broke out into laughter. Then they sealed it with a kiss, a smile, and cheers. Finally Husband and Wife. They signed the marriage certificate and made their way with everyone congratulating them. Movie Scene Productions was there to capture all of their special moments with family, friends.

A perfect day for a perfect couple, sun was shining, beaming on the lovely couple enabling them to enjoy their wonderful day at the beach and the general public seemed to take interest in what was going on near by.

The lovely couple together with their bridal party returned to the VW kombi van for a short trip down the road to South Melbourne’s Kerferd rd pier for their wedding photographs.

At about 6pm the MC introduced the bridal party and then the Bride and Groom. They broke into a dance routine and made their way to the bridal table.

The night was filled with lots of laughs, plenty of beer and drinks, tasty food, great music, belly laughter and happy tears, everyone was having a wonderful time for the beautiful couple.

The night ended with all the guests circling Scott & Jordan while they said their goodbyes to everyone. One last dance for the newlyweds and that’s when Scott did a break-dance and grabbed Jordan and lifted her up and away they went.

We wish them a very happy and long marriage together.



Scott & Jordan

Scott & Jordan




– The Wedding of Kiara & Harpreet

Wedding Video showcasing the full length and highlights versions

A lovely couple from Melbourne, but now living in Queensland decided to journey together and travel to India to get married for a traditional Indian wedding celebrating with Harpreet’s family and friends. There were 4 functions held over 1 week and more than 700 guests in total attended the functions. It began with a Traditional Henna Ceremony, then the Prayers and the Wedding at the Gurudwara (Sikh Temple). This was followed by another function held at Cavendish Banquet Hall with lots of Indian food and dancing. The last function was held at Punjabi by Nature, which was a beautiful fine dining restaurant.

Kiara always dreamt of a traditional church wedding, so when they had finished their beautiful Indian holiday, they travelled back home where she began to organise her Australian wedding, to celebrate with family and friends in Melbourne.

After months of preparations, the long anticipated day of the wedding had finally arrived. The wedding first began in the beautiful St John’s Uniting Church in Essendon, but preparations were made in the morning at the Bride’s house from makeup, hair, and flowers to finally putting on her wedding dress.

Harpreet arrived at the church at 2pm with his family and made his way down to meet the Minister of the Church, whilst Kiara’s parents were filled with pride and joy to see their little girl all grown up and looking so beautiful.

All the guests had arrived and were seated waiting for Kiara’s entrance. The excitement was building at St John Uniting Church where Harpreet seemed anxious waiting to see his love walk down the aisle in her beautiful wedding gown knowing that he will be with her for the rest of his life.

The pianist began to play the organ and the music started to echo in the church, the atmosphere was set, the guests stood up to view the bride, and Harpreet was staring at Kiara down the aisle, and seemed to be amazed with what he was seeing, probably thinking how lucky he was to find the love of his life.

Kiara’s Father, Mario was walking her down the aisle and seemed very proud of his daughter and the woman she had become. He handed her over to Harpreet with a handshake and then kissed his daughter on the cheek.

Kiara stood by Harpreet’s side at the alter, proud and knowing that they will be by each others’ side for the rest of their lives.

They committed their vows to each other, and sealed it with a kiss, a smile, and cheers. Finally Husband and Wife, they signed the marriage certificate and made their way outside with everyone congratulating them. Movie Scene Production was there to capture all of their special moments with family, friends and then the two of them.

A perfect day for a perfect couple, sun was shining, beaming on the lovely couple enabling them to enjoy their wonderful day.

The wonderful day ended up at Rosleyn Court Homestead, a beautiful Victorian Homestead built in 1905 with magnificent views of the gardens. The guests first mingled with pre-dinner drinks and appetisers, then later seated to view the couple. The MC introduced the family and then the Bride and Groom.

The night was filled with Italian and Indian tradition, culture, food and drinks, a special night with vibrant colours, music, laughter and tears.

Kiara had a special moment dancing with her Father, a moment that seemed will stay with her, as her Father seemed to be holding back his emotions, probably wondering where all the years had gone.

A moment of entertainment was when Harpreet’s Sister introduced the style of Bollywood moves to Kiara’s family

The night ended with all the guests popping streaming firecrackers, which left the night with a big bang.

We wish them a very happy and long marriage together.

You can view the full length video below which runs for just under 2hrs or the highlights video above which runs for under 5 minutes.

The Full Length Version


Photos Courtesy of National Movies, New Delhi

– PHD Toneshifterz Free Hoodie Party 2015

PHD Toneshifterz Free Hoodie Party 2015





14 Djs Over 2 Rooms
Featuring Toneshifterz

Friday 15th May
@The Bottom End
579 Little Collins Street Melbourne



– Science Says This Is The Key To Holding On To A Happy Relationship

NJ couple on a bench

If you’re looking for a relationship that’s strong, positive, and long-lasting, there’s a simple way to start making it a reality — gratitude.

Regularly taking a moment to stop and show your partner you’re thankful for her small acts of kindness — be they taking out the trash or fixing your computer — can make both of you feel more satisfied and strengthen your relationship.

Psychologists didn’t start systematically studying gratitude — let alone its impact on romantic relationships — until the early 2000s. Before then, most of the research in the field focused on negative emotions and the problems that either produced or stemmed from these feelings.

But a decade of social science research suggests that partners who show they care about the little things activate a two-way feedback system that helps both members of a relationship feel closer and more fulfilled.

The Power Of Thanks

Two psychologists, University of California, Davis’ Robert Emmons and University of Miami’s Michael McCullough spearheaded most of the early research on gratitude’s effects.

In one of of their studies, the researchers had volunteers keep weekly journals in which they wrote about particular topics. One group wrote about major events that had happened that week. Another group wrote about hassles they’d experienced. The last group wrote about things they were grateful for. Ten weeks later, those in the gratitude group reported feeling more optimistic and more satisfied with their lives than those in any of the other groups. They also reported fewer physical symptoms of discomfort, from runny noses to headaches, and exercised more.

Years later, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill psychologist Sara Algoe took those same feelings of gratefulness and studied how they might affect not just one person, but couples in romantic relationships. For her study, Algoe also had couples keep a diary (just like Emmons and McCullough had). Instead of recording anything they felt grateful for, however, Algoe had her participants list things their partner had done that made them feel grateful, along with how each act of kindness made them feel. Participants also kept track of kind acts they directed toward their partner, and how those made them feel.

Over the course of 1,768 days of reports, participants reported that their partner did something thoughtful for them nearly 700 times, while they reported doing something thoughtful for their partner slightly less often (601 times). But there was a sad twist: Nearly half of the attempted acts of kindness went undetected by the other person. What mattered, it turned out, wasn’t how often someone in the relationship did a thoughtful thing — it was how grateful the partner reported feeling about it.

Volunteers were more connected to their partners and more satisfied with their relationship on the days when they reported feeling more grateful for their partners’ acts of kindness. And those feelings of gratitude — more important than any acts of kindness alone — lasted into the following day.

Couple happy

Couples who took a moment to show they cared about their partner’s efforts got a temporary mood boost. But showing gratitude, it turns out, can also have a lasting impact on relationships.

In a series of studies, University of California, Berkeley psychologist Amie Gordon found that the more grateful couples were, the more likely they were to still be in the relationship nine months down the road.

Gordon’s research had one crucial caveat, though: Expressing gratitude isn’t confined solely to saying “thank you” for a kind deed. Being grateful, she writes in a blog post for Psychology Today,is about feeling lucky to have a caring partner in the first place. “My definition of gratitude includes appreciating not just what your partner does, but who they are as a person. You’re not just thankful that your partner took out the trash — you’re thankful that you have a partner who is thoughtful enough to know you hate taking out the trash.”

Kissing couple

The Bottom Line

Happy couples can make it seem like it all comes naturally, but in reality any strong, quality relationship requires a hefty amount of work. If you want to make your relationship stronger — and you’re willing to put in the effort — gratitude itself can help you and your partner feel happier and more connected.

All of this is based on the idea that gratitude itself can generate more positive thinking. Recent research, including dozens of studies done in individuals and couples, appears to back up this notion. Of course, while gratitude can be used to help strengthen a healthy relationship, it shouldn’t be used as a means of justifying staying in an unhealthy one.

Gratitude is contagious, Gordon’s research found. It produces a cascade of feelings and behaviours, many of which also happen to be critical to strengthening a relationship. When you actively think about your partner’s caring qualities, you begin to think about how much he or she means to you.

Partners who regularly think of each other as valuable and important, it turns out, behave in ways that reflect those feelings.

Imagine stopping for a moment to think about the last time your girlfriend took care of you when you were sick. The next time she says something to you, you might listen more carefully, either because you want to return the favour or because you’ve actively made yourself aware of how important she is to you.

Either way, she’ll likely notice, and she’ll feel more appreciated as a result.

When someone feels appreciated by their partner, they in turn appreciate the partner more too, creating something of a happy cycle. In long-term relationships, it’s those simple behaviours that can make all of the work worthwhile.


By Erin Brodwin from Business Insider



– Sony A7s vs 5D Mark III

Sony A7s vs Canon 5D Mark III

Dan Watson from Learning cameras says "The Canon has been a favorite for videographers craving that full frame sensor for some time. But Canon failed to make any generous improvements in video quality from the 5D2 to the 5D3 leaving the door wide open for competition. While others have come close before, It looks like Sony thinks it has found the perfect recipe to finally make itself the camera of choice for videographers."






– A SHOCKING PROPOSAL for Lacey Butler’s mother

A SHOCKING PROPOSAL for Lacey Butler’s mother


Apparently she misplaced the ring 15 years ago, thinking it was lost or stolen. Her husband found the ring in a wooden box and decided to surprise her by proposing again with her original lost wedding ring, and her reaction was absolutely wonderful.

 Lacey Butler says - "About 15 years ago my mom lost a very important piece of jewelry, her wedding ring. We searched the house high and low for months, and finally came to the conclusion that it was lost on a job site, or stolen. But on October 26th we learned the truth, it had been stashed away in a small wooden box of my dad just found. We knew reuniting them was going to be emotional enough but dad and I had to add a twist. See here you go my dad proposing to my mom again after 38 years of marriage with my mom and her apron, in the garage! Maybe she was a little dramatic, but hey, it's her missing wedding ring!"


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